rensi Car Mats


  • Keep the dirt on the mat...
  • ...all around the year.
  • Fit Your Car.

The bowl-shape, design and material keep dirt and water on the mat and makes it easy to keep Your car clean. The assortment of rensi-mats covers more than 200 different makes of cars , all of which the most common are presented in our recommendation list. We update the recommendation list on a regular basis.

Material and Manufacturing

The rensi car mat is made from LD-PE (low-density polyethylene), which gets its unique properties as well as a softer sense with an admixture of synthetic rubber. rensi will be 100% recycled and is provided with recycling symbol. rensi is manufactured in our factory in Västervik, Sweden.

Properties and Resistance


rensi has been developed to make it easy for you to keep the floor-surface clean and odourless. rensi will also keep the surface dry under the mat and will prevent the presence of mould. rensi is shock resistant and stands wear at temperatures down to 40oC below freezing-point. rensi has been tested and complies with the flammability requirements according to U.S. standard DOT-FMVSS 302.


Wash rensi with common detergent using a brush and then rinse with clean water. You could also use a high-pressure wash appliance for rensi.


If You have any further questions or ideas concerning rensi, you are welcome to phone us on phone no. +46 490 822 80 or e-mail to